Many people think that the South of Crete has only a few beaches. This is fortunately not correct! In the quiet South there are many sandy beaches, often kilometers long and even quiet in the high season. There is always a taverna in the area, where you can relax on the terrace, near the sea. However, we advise you to take beach shoes because there are sometimes long flat stones just below the surface in the sea.
Below are some beaches with the average driving time from Kamilari shown:  
* Komos & Kalamaki (approx. 5 min.): only a few minutes away are the excellent, beautiful and tranquil sandy beaches. See also under "villages nears Kamilari".
* Kokinos Pirgos (ca. 20 min.): beyond the town of Timbaki is a long sandy beach with various outdoor cafes and tavernas.
* Matala (ca. 15 min): with a beautiful Bay and prehistoric caves. See also under "villages near Kamilari".
* Agia Galini (30 min.): particularly cosy tourist town that is built against the mountain. Many shops and tavernas provide for a pleasant stay. Just outside this village there is a sandy/Pebble Beach.
* Kali Limenes (ca. 45 min.): via Sivas and Listaros you come across a dirt road into Kali Limenes (= good port). After a dusty trip you can drink or eat something at the small port and after that explore the kilometer-long beach. If you drive further along the coast many spectacular bays will appear. You can drive back over good roads via Pigedakia and Pombia.
* Lentas (approx. 1 hour): a port was located here in antiquity. The cosy beach with tavernas is inviting for a swim in the sea. You can drive a little further to one of the beautiful bays.
* Agios Pavlos (approx. 1½ hour): after a brilliant ride through Agia Galini and Melabes over a mountain road you are rewarded with a beautiful bay with a sandy beach. From here you can climb a staircase for a magnificent view of the rock formations and sand dunes.
* Triopetra (approx. 1½ hour): beautiful, wide sandy beaches bordering on fantastic rock formations. It is really delightful to spend a day here.
* Plakias (approx. 2 hours): a somewhat busier village with a port and a wide sandy beach, located just before the town. On the route to Plakias you also drive through the impressive Kourtaliatiko Gorge.